Our virtual training courses are delivered LIVE online via a webinar and are normally 90 to 120 minutes in duration.

They are designed to replicate a classroom environment online with the same types of exercises, discussions and interactions as you would normally have in a face to face workshop.

A webinar training is any lecture, lesson, or another form of instruction delivered via webinar software. The webinar can be on-demand or streamed live as long as it teaches viewers about a certain subject of interest or how to gain a specific goal.

Webinars are an excellent way to share important information, build brand authority, showcase product features and benefits, generate warm leads, and even increase sales and revenue for your organization.

In the next few sections, we’ll uncover the benefits of webinar training and explain how to get started hosting this kind of digital event.

Technology enables this to happen. All your learners need is access to the internet on any device.

Delivering training in this format meets that attention and interest levels are kept high and through our brain friendly learning techniques the information and the subject matter sticks.

  • Service Type Experiential Training
  • Event Type Hybrid (Virtual & On-site)
  • Category Webinar, Virtual Training, Team Building
  • Pricing Starts from IDR 50 Mio